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Virginia Graeme Baker (VGB) Pool Spa Safety Act

(VGB) - Compliant Covers
By December 19, 2008, All public pool owners/operators should install suction outlet / drain covers that meet the ANSI/ASME A112.19.8-2007 standard. The VGB Pool Spa Safety Act also requires all new drain and grate covers entered into commerce to be certified to the latest standards starting on November 12, 2008.

Pools And Spas Not Open On December 19, 2008 Are Not required To Be In Compliance Until The Day The Pool Or Spa Is Re-opened!

CPSC and your local Department of Health
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is responsible for implementation and enforcement of the VGB law however, you should check with your local health department for any additional requirements and regulations for complying with the VGB aw.

How do I know if I need to replace Main Drain Covers?
The VGB Pool Safety Act required all covers to meet the latest ASME/ANSI A112.19.8‐2007 standard by December 19, 2008. This is a new standard and all non‐compliant grates and covers must be changed.  VGB compliant covers are properly marked.  Contact Bel‐Aqua with questions concerning your current covers.

Health Department Submittals
Many local health departments are requiring facilities to submit documentation of proposed changes for approval prior to any moifications.  In many cases, this includes replacing covers.

Velocity Calculations for Cover Open Area
Many health departments are requiring the submittal of Velocity calculations for cover open area.  They wish to assure that the velocity through a single cover does not exceed a specific velocity (for example 1½ feet per second) at 100% of all combined flows.  We have posted on our website most manufacturers specification sheets with the information you may need to file.

Bel-Aqua is your source for VGB compliant covers. If you have any questions please contact us at anytime.
Bel-Aqua VGB Product Information and Order Form

Hayward Pool Products
Hayward VGB Covers
Hayward Main Drains

12" X 12 " Square Grate
Flow Rate: 151 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# WGX1032B

9" x 9" Square Grate
Flow Rate: 83 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# WGX1031B

8" Round White Grate
Part# WGX1048E

Hayward Brochures and Submittal Documents
Hayward Grate and Cover Brochure
Hayward Flow Rates and Open Areas
WG1032 12 x 12 Certification
WG1031 9 x 9 Certification
WG1033 18 x 18 Certification
WG1048E Round Certification
Hayward Open Area and Hole Size Specs

AquaStar Pool Products
Wave Drain

12" X 12 " RWAV 1" High Retrofit Square Grate
Flow Rate: 400 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# RWAV12101

12" x 12" WAV 3/4" High Frame and Grate
Part# WAV12101

9" x 9" RWAV 1" High Retrofit Square Grate
Flow Rate: 191 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# RWAV9101

9" x 9" WAV 3/4" High Frame and Grate
Part# WAV9101

8" Round Low Profile Round Grate
Part# RLP8AVVGB101

AquaStar Brochures and Submittal Documents
WAV12101 12 x 12 Grate Brochure
WAV9101 9 x 9 Grate Brochure
RWAV12101 12 x 12 Grate Brochure
RWAV9101 9 x 9 Grate Brochure
WAV1818 18 x 18 Frame/Grate Brochure
WAV2424 24 x 24 Frame/Grate Brochure
FLAT2424 24 x 24 Frame/Grate Brochure
Round Covers Brochure
Unblockable Drain Brochure
AquaStar Certification
AquaStar Installation Instructions
AquaStar Flow Rate Cross Reference Chart
WAV Open Hole Size Dimensions


Drain Safe DS360
DS360 Covers

Drainsafe DS360 Retrofits most 5-1/2" - 8" main drain sumps, complete with screws and is certified at 123 GPM at 1.5 fps velocity flowrate.
Part# DS360 / DS360R
Drainsafe DS360 Brochure
Drainsafe Certification

Drainsafe Installation Instructions
Drainsafe Open Hole Size Dimension

Waterway Plastics
Waterway Grate

12" x 12" and 9" x 9" Grates
Fits most existing Frames, comes with screws.
Available as Grate only or Frame and Grate.

12" x 12" White Universal Replacement Grate Only
Flow rate: 292 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# WW6404730

9" x 9" White Universal Replacement Grate Only
Flow rate: 186 GPM at 1.5 FPS
Part# WW6404740

Waterway Sell Sheet


Eureka  Stainless  Steel  Anti‐Entrapment  covers  can  be  used  to  go  over  an  existing  grate.   Perfect  for  field  modified  and  custom  grates  that  do  not  have  an  easy  replacement.  Requires  bonding  and  grounding.

Stainless Steel Drain Cover Brochure
Stainless Steel Drain Covers Specification and Installation
Stainless Steel Drain Cover Certification